Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Promotions and Sales in Malaysia (PASIM) is relocated to PASIM | Promotions and Sales in Malaysia with URL address from today.

Blogger has been hosting Promotions and Sales in Malaysia (PASIM) since April 2005 - whoa, 2 years! I didn't want to lose the hits but contents and features are more important to PASIM readers. So, you can suggest what you want in the new PASIM.

Rest assured, the new blog will still have the same features - updates on free info on

  • discounts %
  • promotions
  • fair
  • warehouse sales
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  • clearance
  • awareness
  • charity
  • special events
  • contests
New features would be:
  • RSS on blogs I recommend you to read like SNS where the webmaster(s) always scan ads from The Star, the largest circulation for ads in Malaysia.
  • Recent comments - this is so that if you have posted any announcement for your company or your discoveries can be seen from the main page instead of clicking on Discovery | Advertisement to find out the latest info by readers.
  • Images in Flikr
Possible revival:
  • Calendar - PASIM had Google calendar feature but it was stopped because it was duplicate info but don't you think the calendar is quite useful?
  • Chat using Meebo

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Beautiful Gate Foundation

Beautiful Gate Foundation

We wish to set up the first Art Centre for the disabled in Malaysia which provided professional training in performing arts and visual arts. This new project which will be built in Seremban needs a total of RM 650,000.00.

With the increase of students in Kampar Beautiful Gate Educational Centre, we are looking forward to the expansion programme so that more students can be admitted to Beautiful Gate Educational Centre. There is a plan to build an addition of 2 classrooms, 11 bedrooms, 1 computer room, 1 recreational room, 1 kitchen, 1 dinning hall and 1 office cum teachers' room. The budget for the construction and the facilities is RM 400,000.

We also need to spend a total of RM 60,000.00 per month operate our six centres. Where we provide food, lodging and advancement in fees for education to 120 disabled residents. As well as organize activities, provide employment assistance, information service, counseling service and skill training to more than 1000 non-residents disabled members and parents.

You can help BGF by donating to them or buy the beautiful, intricate handmade crafts and cards. The cards are really sweet and cheap! I mean, can you buy any stomach filling food with RM1?

  Birthday Card - Bear
Birthday Card - Bear RM3

Bookmark RM1

Wire Art - Ship
Wire Art - Ship RM50

You can contact BGF for more info.

Pantai Medical Centre - Health screening at RM50

25 April 2007
Health screening for ladies at RM50
PMC is offering a special health screening package for ladies at RM50nett. Package includes consultation by a doctor, clinical breast examination and Pap Smear.

24 April 2007
Medical screening at RM50
PMC is offering basic medical screening at only RM50nett. Package includes consultation by a doctor, complete physical examination, Body Mass Index ( BMI ), BP / Pulse Rate, Electrocardiogram ( ECG ), Glucose and Cholesterol Screening.

Venue: Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar
Contact: +603-2296 0837

More happenings

info provided by Carmen

Friday, April 13, 2007

Jusco J Card Day & Privilege Shopping Day

Jusco J Card Day in Cheras Selatan Store on 19 Apr 2007 (1st time)
Jusco J Card Day in Cheras Selatan Store

With any purchases of RM80.00 and above (in a single receipt or a combination of up to 2 receipts from the same day) from any AEON Cheras Selatan Shopping Centre tenants (excluding JUSCO Department Store, JUSCO Supermarket, JUSCO Home Centre, ti:zed shop, Jeans Studio, Orange Sorbet & ARENA Restaurant), you are entitled to a Cuddly Bear FREE. Hurry, this event is limited to the first 1000 eligible customers only.

* Purchase must be made from AEON Cheras Selatan Shopping Centre tenants on 19 April 2007 only.

J Card members should be receiving the voucher before the Privilege Shopping Day via mail.

J CARD Privilege Shopping Day

1. Simply choose your "J CARD Privilege Shopping Day" between 20 - 29 April 2007.
2. Go to the J CARD Customer Service Centre to validate your preferred shopping day. Remember to bring along your J CARD and this invitation coupon for validation.
3. Present this coupon at cashier counter upon payment.

15% on apparel, shoes, bags, stationery, sports, household & home fashion departments, Health & Beauty Care product (at supermarket HBC dept only), Niko Niko Doh bookshop, Orange Sorbet, ti:zed and Jeans Studio tenant shop.

5% on supermarket items, baby needs(7900), electrical items, JUSCO Home Centre(home DIY), golf section, food court & La Boheme bakery and D'HATI supermarket.

info provided by AEON

Pizza Hut 10% & 25% off Exclusive Online Offers

Until 16 May 2007

Pizza Hut 10% & 25% off Exclusive Online Offers
info/image provided by Quinn

Click here to print Pizza Hut 10% & 25% off Exclusive Online Offers coupon

Pizza Hut - Pasta Perfecto Wrap
Other promotions, including Pasta Perfecto Wrap, Take away

Official site:

* refer Terms & Conditions

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SOS April 20 slot - need 2 volunteers

There are two vacancies for April 20 as the registered participants cannot make it. Pls contact us if you would like to join the slot. Details are as follow:
APRIL 20. 5.30 AM - Wait at Pendas Jetty
1. The seagrass bed exposed at low spring tide thus we must arrive and leave punctually or we will miss the tides. This is critical if we are to land and leave safely. We LEAVE SHARP according to the schedule.
2. . Pls gather at Pendas Jetty (20 minutes winding road down Gelang Patah - click on to see the direction on the map. It is a dead end with a restaurant at the jetty. If you need to carpool, contact the volunteers in your slot (details above) and make arrangement. Let me know if you can't find transport upon arrival at Gelang Patah.
3. Briefing usually starts 1 hour before departure. Make sure you are punctual for BRIEFING as it is important to know what you need to do. We do not have time to repeat. You have to ARRIVE for briefing 10 MINUTES EARLIER, in case you need to go to the toilet, have a break from the long drive or take photos of the fishing village.
4. If you are coming from OTHER STATES (outside Johor), it is strongly advisable that you schedule your arrival at the jetty at least two hours before the briefing. If the survey is in the early morning, you should arrive at Johor a night before.
a. Certain people developed rashes after skin contact with seagrass (due to epiphytes and hydroids on the leaves) so please wear long pants.
b. You need proper footwear that will protect your feet. Diving booties is the most appropriate. If you do not have one, please inform us and specify your foot size.
c. DO NOT touch anything you are unfamiliar with, especially if you are a first-timer. Some animals/plant-like creatures are POISONOUS or DEFENSIVE which cause you pain.
d. If you are not feeling, DO NOT come.
e. Waterproof your things. Keep them in zip-lock bags or dive bags. Saltwater is extremely UNFRIENDLY to electronic device.
f. Wear Lifejacket as soon as you aboard the boat. Do not change position on the boat as it loss balance easily which could cause capsize.
g. Trip will be cancelled only in extreme bad weather (thunderous rain, lightning etc.). We go on even on cloudy days or drizzle.
1. Strictly NO COLLECTION OF SPECIMENS unless you have special reason which must be prior-communicated to us.
2. Take photos of the specimens in their natural conditions, DO NOT DISTURB them or forcibly grab them to take picture with you. Pay some respect.
4. Be serious and withold the volunteers mission. We are there to get the work done before the tide rise. You will have time to look around and take pictures after our mission complete.
Other logistics:
1. If you are coming from other states and need lodging, please inform us early. We have a basic research station for overnight (with washroom and changing room) but no bed so we don’t charge. You have to bring your own pillow and sleeping bag.
2. If you need to carpool to the jetty, please contact other volunteers in your slot and if they are not available, let us know and see we could arrange to pick you up.
3. If you do not have a dive bootie, pls inform us your foot size. Our stock is limited with sizes ranging from 7-9 ONLY.
4 If you are a first-time volunteer, please have a good read of SOS volunteers handbook
Finally, kindly confirm your participation with us again by Thursday April 15 by replying to this email with subject heading "confirmation SOS April 20”. I will be leaving for Johor on April 13 so have difficulties accessing emails so anything pls give me (Choo: 019-9815940) or Wei Soon (012-6340988) a call. Looking forward to seeing you.
Please take note that SOS has started imposing the policy that if the specific person cancelled their booking on two consecutive trips from the scheduled slot, they will be BANNED from further bookings. This is to avoid people who simply booked without first knowing if they could commit themselves, or pulled out during the last minute due to the slightest excuse. Pls take the courtesy to inform us PERSONALLY and EARLY if you wish to cancel your booking, not through your friend. Otherwise you deprive other people the opportunity to go on the trip.
Our recent issues have been posted on the link:

info provided by Save Our Seahorses (SOS)